We have had some great feedback from a parent that trialled the Crikey Bikey harness with her Daughter Emilia: 10506658 1525807924346738 4597641657871402023 o


"Like most successful innovations, the harness is a simple, yet very effective way of teaching your child to ride a bike.
Within 10 minutes of riding with the harness, I could see that Emilia had already gained a little more confidence and, I felt, had started to ‘find’ her natural balance on the bike.  
Emilia is a naturally cautious child and wouldn’t allow me to just push her on the bike and let go, and hope for the best  (like my son who seemed to love that process);  She wants to feel safe and secure.
I felt the harness allowed the child to feel safe and secure, whilst also giving them some independence to find their own balance and gain confidence.
Without doubt, I feel that this would significantly speed up the process in teaching some children to ride a bike"