When I heard my delivery was really going to arrive, I couldn’t wait to get home from school.  All day I kept thinking about it, wondering how many boxes there would 10974730 1530270353900495 300698027643722008 obe. The boxes actually said 'Crikey Bikey' on them and they reached the ceiling!  I climbed to the top of them and as I lay on the box at the top of the pile I felt really happy. 

I climbed down quickly and Kia and I opened one of the boxes.  As we pulled open the cardboard flaps, we saw a hundred harnesses just like I wanted them to look, all neatly wrapped in plastic and piled in the box.  A hundred Crikey Bikey® boys smiling up at me was an awesome sight!

Kia and I took one of the harnesses out and took it off the display card.  It seemed perfect, but we ran upstairs and tested it against our sample to check the size of it.  It was exactly right – we just looked at each other, smiled and giggled because we were so happy and relieved they had arrived and are perfect.